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Term 4 Week 10

  This week is the final week of the 2020 school year.  It has been a year filled with many new learning opportunities.  We have loved watching the children in Kakano grow into confident and independent learners.  Thank you to all the families and friends of Kakano children for the support you have given over the year.  We really do appreciate all of your help.   The school year finishes at 12pm on Wednesday and children need to be picked up from their classroom promptly at this time.     The middle school children are having a fundraiser on Monday and Tuesday to help a family within our community.  Ice Blocks are $1 and are being sold at lunchtime on both of these days. Swimming this week: Kakano 5 and Kakano 6. School magazines for 2020 are still available to purchase from the school office.  $10 each. Food donations to St Vincent de Paul can be put under the tree in the office foyer. This week: Monday Ice Blocks $1 at lunchtime  11:15 Year 0-2 Tryathlon - everyone welcome  Parents a

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